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Public Domain Name Change FAQ

posted Jun 22, 2017, 8:05 AM by Jonathan Crosby   [ updated Sep 11, 2017, 6:46 AM ]
Based on feedback we received, the following FAQ has been created.

What address will I use to access Gmail and Drive?

The new addresses will be and We will have redirects in place from the current addresses.

What URL addresses are affected by this change?

System/AppOld NameNew NameWill Redirect?
District Web
Google Apps/G
Schoologyschoology.westport.k12.ct.usschoology.westportps.orgGeneric Schoology page
Employee Access Centereac.westport.k12.ct.useac.westportps.orgYes
Google Sites

Which accounts are impacted by the email domain change?

All users who have an active email address with the Westport Public Schools.

What will happen to the email that exists or is saved in my current mailbox?

Your email inbox and saved messages will look the exact same.

What will happen to messages sent to the or domain after the transition to and

They will be received in the same inbox. The old domain suffix will remain as an alias. We anticipate leaving this alias in place for at least 12 months, and may extend if necessary.

Will there be any changes to Google Drive?

We are simply renaming our existing domain instance of G Suite for Education, so we do not anticipate any changes required to Google Drive. In our testing, Drive links that contain should already redirect to a URL format that does not contain the domain name. Since will remain as an alias, these should continue to redirect as expected.

Will some staff retain an email alias as firstname_lastname?

Due to restrictions on the maximum number of aliases that can be used, we cannot continue to provide addresses in this format. It has been approximately five years since this email address was last used as a primary address. Any new staff hired after July 2012, do not have email addresses in this format. Users who attempt to send an email to an address that does not exist will receive a reply indicating the mailbox does not exist.

I recently changed my last name, what email addresses will I have?

Staff who have officially changed their last name within the past academic school year (since July 1, 2016), will retain an address for both their old and new last name at both domains. If your last name was changed more than one year ago, your original name in the email address will be dropped. For example, Sally Smith changed her last name to Nelson in March of 2017. Sally will retain the following email addresses:,,, and (primary).

How will student email addresses be affected?

Students who currently use the domain address will switch to Students will retain the original address through the 17-18 school year.

Will I need to update contacts?

In your Gmail contacts there is what is called a "personal directory" and "global domain directory". We can only manage the global domain directory (Domain Contacts Directory).Google Contacts that are stored in your "My Contacts" are not managed centrally and will need to be updated on an individual basis. Unfortunately this is a limitation of how contacts are implemented in G Suite. The "Domain Contacts Directory" of contacts will automatically be updated.

If I sync my phone, are changes required?

This depends on what application or sync mechanism you are using. You will not need to change the server address, however you may need to update the email address used on the device.