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Schoology - End of Year and Rollover Information

posted Jun 12, 2015, 6:07 AM by Jonathan Crosby   [ updated Jun 12, 2015, 6:07 AM ]
All courses in Schoology have grading periods that are tied directly to semester and marking period dates from eSchool. For students, this means classes will no longer be accessible after the last day of school. For teachers, classes will be accessible indefinitely under the 'Archived' option. (Courses>See All>My Courses | Archived) This means all content within the courses will also be accessible to you indefinitely. In order to easily reuse content for future course sections, use the Options button with Save Course to Resources while in the Materials view.

Groups in Schoology are not tied to grading periods and by default will be accessible by both group admins and users indefinitely. Groups are not centrally managed as they are created and managed by teachers as needed. This means that you will be responsible for updating your group membership, or archiving/deleting the groups that you are an admin of. To archive or delete a group, select Groups>See All>My Groups, then select the gear icon and choose Archive or Delete. Archived groups will remain accessible to group admins, but not regular group members.

We anticipate making courses for next year available to staff in early August after the eSchool rollover and testing have been completed. You may however build content at any time using the 'Resources' area in Schoology. To rollover content between previous year's courses and upcoming courses, first copy the Materials to Resources (Materials view | Options> Save Course to Resources) , then go into the upcoming course and copy the Materials back from Resources (Materials view | Add Materials> Import from Resources). For more information on this please see the end of year guide created by Schoology.

If you have any additional concerns regarding the information above, please submit a support request.