Google Docs Crashing, Chrome V32

Since the update to Chrome v32, we've had several requests from users complaining of Chrome crashing while working in Google Docs. ("the Aw, Snap" error).  

I have been able to limit the issue to the amount of fonts that a user has stored in their My Fonts list. My suggestion until a Chrome update is released is to have the students remove unused fonts and limit the total list to under 10. (Please note that modifying the fonts my trigger a crash of Chrome, the easiest way to modify is probably through Firefox or Internet Explorer)

1. Open any Google Doc, select More Fonts from the font dropdown box.
2. Remove all but necessary fonts from the My Fonts section (try to keep this list under 10)

I have a support ticket into Google, and many others have also reported similar issues across the message boards. Unfortunately, I don't have an update as to when a Chrome update will be released, but you can follow this issue here:!topic/chrome/CYfu57iCnI4%5B1-25-true%5D

Internet Explorer 8 Changes for Google Apps

On January 15, 2013, users accessing Google Apps using Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) will see the following changes:

- Gmail will automatically forward users to basic HTML view ( Users will have the option to revert to regular view for each login session.
- Users on IE8 can only compose email in Gmail using basic HTML. Features such as the new compose experience in Gmail will not work in IE8.
- Google Calendar will provide read-only access (
- Google Slides and Drawings will not be available (as has been the case since early 2011) .

Google Apps support for Microsoft IE8 was discontinued on November 15th, 2012, per the list of supported browsers ( Google Apps continues to fully support Microsoft IE9 and IE10 browsers.

New Compose and Reply in Gmail

New App Launcher - 11/1/2013

Google will be replacing the top black menu bar for Google App's customers.

The menu bar will be replaced with an app launcher menu. Those of you with personal Gmail accounts have likely seen this already.