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Graduating Seniors and Exiting Staff - Expiring Accounts

Senior's network accounts will expire on the last day of June each school year. All student Y Drive data will be deleted on this date. All online accounts linked to network accounts (Google Apps, Schoology, etc) will be disabled and inaccessible.

Accounts for staff who are leaving the district will be unavailable based on the date set by Personnel.

Students or Staff who wish to keep their data should review the following:

Transfer Y Drive content

Either use a USB drive (quicker preferred method) or download files from web access ( or file share access (see mounting Y drives). 

Transfer Gmail and Drive messages to a personal Google account

    ***Please note that at this time only staff and SHS students can transfer Drive content to another account.

Export data from other Google products including Drive, Picasa Web Albums, Blogger, Youtube, etc.