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Secure and Follow Me Printing

Secure/Follow Me printing allows you to queue a print job that will be held in a virtual queue until you trigger the job to release. The print jobs can be released on any networked printer in the District once sent to the virtual print queue. 

There are various scenarios where this might be useful:
  • you need to print confidential information and need to make sure you are able to retrieve it at the time of printing
  • you are not physically near the printer you wish to use
  • you want to retrieve a print job at a later time

Sending a print job to the virtual queue

  1. Open the program and document you wish print and print to the printer called 'secure-print'.  District owned computers will have this listed already, users with personal devices may need to add this printer.
  2. You will receive a notification email message indicating a job was queued.

Retrieving held print jobs (unreleased jobs will be deleted after 8 hours)

  1. From a District computer or a device connected to the secure wps-wlan network.
  2. Navigate to and logon with your network credentials
  3. Locate the printer you wish to print to. (Note that all printers are listed; narrowing by search should help.)
  4. Choose one or multiple of your queued jobs and select 'Release'

We are in the process of placing QR codes on printers that will link directly to the release queue for that printer.