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Staples Classroom Audio


The audio system in all Staples High School classrooms consists of:

  • 2 drop ceiling mounted amplified speakers centered on the room

  • A wall mounted volume dial with an auxiliary input (located near teacher desk)

The system is currently configured to accept two auto-selected inputs:

  1. An output from either a projector or a SMART LED TV

  2. An auxiliary PC audio (3.5mm headset) cable

(You do not need to switch inputs, this is done automatically)

Connection Diagram

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I play audio with the projector/SMART LED TV off? This depends on the projector, newer projectors (Epson 965 and 965H) support pass-through audio, and allow the audio to pass through while the projector is off. SMART LED TV's do not support this. You can however freeze/mute the video, or utilize the auxiliary input on the wall if keeping the projector/TV off is a requirement.
  2. Can I play music from my own device? Yes, the system supports an auxiliary input from a headset style (3.5mm) cable. If you need an extra cable please submit a tech request. Switching audio sources is done automatically, and this input does not require that the projector/TV be on.
  3. Can the volume be increased? Please check the volume on the computer or device, projector or SMART LED TV, and the wall plate first. All of these contribute to the overall volume level. If this is not sufficient, audio settings can be adjusted on the speaker in the ceiling. If this is needed, please submit a tech request.