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Web Printing

The web printing system allows any device connected to the school or guest network to print to district provided printers.
Documents submitted to the printer must be in one of the following formats: 

If your document is not in one of the above formats please consider saving it as a PDF
using Chrome or a PDF converter.

Instructions to web print:

1. Logon to using your network logon credentials

2. Select Web Print from the left hand side menu, then choose Submit a Job

3. Select an appropriate printer and proceed.  (You will only see printers that your account has been allowed to access.)

4. Select the number of copies, then proceed.
5. Drag and drop a file or select 'Upload from computer'. Once added, select 'Upload & Complete'.

6. A prompt will appear indicating that your print job has been sent to the printer.

If you are unable to find your printer of choice please submit a helpdesk request.